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  CORONAVIRUS_WORKING FROM HOME By: Resourceology360 Currently we are facing the threat of the Coronavirus which is sweeping all across the world. In the U.S we are dealing with the possibility of a mandatory quarantine which means all of us if not most will be working from home. With that happening the working routines, and communication will be affected. There are concerns and uncertainty around the pandemic and how it will affect the small business and economy as a whole. Managing your team big or small will require some adjustments and flexibility to adapt to this situation over the new few weeks or longer. ​ Here are some ways small business employers can create a Work from Home Guidelines. Work may continue as usual in terms of customer calling and appointment setting, and sales. However, creating guidelines for employees helps to ensure everyone understands your requirements during this time.   Expectations-  Whether you have normal workday hours (8-5) or reduced hours


  6 STRATEGIES FOR STAYING POSITIVE AT WORK  By: Resourceology360 It is easy to get inundated with the daily ups and downs at work, however, it is important to remain positive in the work environment. Let’s face it no matter how positive you are there will always be someone who is not on board, however, positivity is infectious and the more positivity you spread it is more likely that it will help to create a better work environment.   Having a positive attitude goes far deeper than a smile on your face, it has to do with creating boundaries that keep out negativity. There have been many studies focused on positive attitudes and they have shown that staying positive changes your view of the world to a more open mind filled with possibilities. Here are a few ways that I have utilized in the workplace to remain in a positive space.   Focus on positive thoughts-  Think of ways you be more productive and how you can help others. Stay within a positive circle-  Sometimes yo


  PERFORMANCE REVIEWS ARE IMPORTANT FOR YOUR SMALL BUSINESS By: Resourceology360 Performance reviews are key to a small business because they provide the necessary feedback employees need for growth and compliance. Performance reviews are not a one-time process, the review process is happening all the time. All throughout the year employees are tasked to accomplish the organization's goals that have been set. This means you have to be able to identify the key talent so that you can mentor them for the next level. Because small business leaders are inundated with the daily responsibilities of managing the core concerns such as marketing, finance, and sales they often fail to recognize the employees who can support and help the business grow.   Performance reviews provide an even playing field for all employees because it is a structured process and leaves no room for speculations regarding favoritism or discriminatory practices. Many times, without an evaluation process in place y

Employee Appreciation Is Everyday

  By: Resourceology360 Employee Appreciation Is Everyday Employee Appreciation Day is March 6, 2020, and it is the perfect time to show employees how much they are appreciated. Every day we should recognize our employees because they are an integral part of our business success. Recognition does not necessarily have to be grand acts all the time, it can be as simple as a written note thanking employees for all the work they put in daily. One of the most important lessons that I have learned as a leader from my employees is that you can't put a price on something as valuable as showing someone they are appreciated. Small business owners have a greater need to ensure that they are recognizing employees and providing value to the work environment. Retaining good employees is an ongoing strategy that small businesses should keep in mind, everything from the hiring process, communication, employee engagement, training & development, and perks, are all key to retention. The stud