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It is easy to get inundated with the daily ups and downs at work, however, it is important to remain positive in the work environment. Let’s face it no matter how positive you are there will always be someone who is not on board, however, positivity is infectious and the more positivity you spread it is more likely that it will help to create a better work environment.

 Having a positive attitude goes far deeper than a smile on your face, it has to do with creating boundaries that keep out negativity. There have been many studies focused on positive attitudes and they have shown that staying positive changes your view of the world to a more open mind filled with possibilities. Here are a few ways that I have utilized in the workplace to remain in a positive space.


  1. Focus on positive thoughts- Think of ways you be more productive and how you can help others.
  2. Stay within a positive circle- Sometimes you could be having a great day and it may take just one negative person to come along and spread bad energy. So surrounding yourself with people who are consistently positive and want to see change.
  3. Kindness goes a long way- This is the easiest one of all “kindness” it goes a long way. If you treat your co-workers with kindness, then they will, in turn, treat you the same way. Even if your day is not going so well, remember everyone is dealing with something in their personal lives.
  4. Surround yourself with your favorite things- Filling your space whether it’s an office, a cubicle, or a desk with items that put you in a good place helps to keep the positive energy flowing. For example a picture of your loved ones or your favorite football team e.t.c.
  5. Laughter is good for the soul- Engage in positive discussions that can lead to laughter. Laughter can be an ice-breaker and bring people together. Try it!
  6. Set personal Goals- Personal goals allow you to stay focused and help to create a time management schedule for yourself that keeps you aligned and forward-thinking.

Many spend countless hours at work, sometimes more hours that we are at home so it is important to help support and create an environment that is welcoming to all employees.


March 12, 2020





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