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  3 SELF-CARE TIPS FOR SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS By: Resourceology360 The business won’t run itself when it comes to a small business, I have heard this a many times. However, the business can’t run effectively if you are completely burned out. Owning a small business takes a lot of hard work and continuous strategies to ensure financial goals are met, with this in mind owners are working around the clock with not much rest. Staying healthy has to be at the forefront at all times because as a leader you need to feel good and be alert as your employees depend on you. These are a few suggestions that could help you in taking care of yourself regularly.   Sleep-  Most business owners don’t get enough sleep, it’s a fact. However, this is the most critical part of self-care. Sleep allows your body to rest and refresh so that you are prepared mentally for any challenges that may arise in your day to day interactions. Increase your water intake - Staying hydrated is critic