Employee Appreciation Is Everyday


By: Resourceology360

Employee Appreciation Is Everyday

Employee Appreciation Day is March 6, 2020, and it is the perfect time to show employees how much they are appreciated. Every day we should recognize our employees because they are an integral part of our business success. Recognition does not necessarily have to be grand acts all the time, it can be as simple as a written note thanking employees for all the work they put in daily. One of the most important lessons that I have learned as a leader from my employees is that you can't put a price on something as valuable as showing someone they are appreciated.

Small business owners have a greater need to ensure that they are recognizing employees and providing value to the work environment. Retaining good employees is an ongoing strategy that small businesses should keep in mind, everything from the hiring process, communication, employee engagement, training & development, and perks, are all key to retention. The study, "The Effects of Employee Recognition and Appreciation," conducted by TINY pulse concluded that retention is tied to recognition. "However, a large percentage (79%) of employees do not feel valued in their work environment. " More importantly having employees on your team who feel valued are more productive and contribute to better work relationships. The overall work environment is affected positively by productive employees because employers can benefit from fewer sick days, callouts, workplace conflicts, and communication.
Here are a few of my favorite ways that I have utilized to show appreciation and recognize employees:

Celebrate birthdays-Each month celebrate everyone for that month's birthday. Cupcakes or a birthday card is always a win.

Peer recognition-Where peers can join together and celebrate positive things their co-workers are doing.

Employee Feedback-Ask your employees what they would like to see from you. I always find it surprising the ideas that employees have in this area. This is probably my favorite because this helps me to know that what I am doing is valuable to them.

Individual Interest- This is a great opportunity to show that recognition is unique to each individual.

Provide Treats- You never need a reason to provide treats and they will always go over well. Remember it's the small things that make a big impact.

Career Training- This one here is the most beneficial for employees who are interested in climbing the ladder. I find that training & certifications have a positive impact and encourage employees to be more productive.

Swag- Provide company swag (mugs, water bottles, key chains, hats)

Remember employee recognition is simple however, the impact is far greater. These small gestures will help to support your business growth strategy plus keep employees happy, productive, and loyal. To learn more on how we can help you.




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