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Currently we are facing the threat of the Coronavirus which is sweeping all across the world. In the U.S we are dealing with the possibility of a mandatory quarantine which means all of us if not most will be working from home. With that happening the working routines, and communication will be affected. There are concerns and uncertainty around the pandemic and how it will affect the small business and economy as a whole. Managing your team big or small will require some adjustments and flexibility to adapt to this situation over the new few weeks or longer.

​ Here are some ways small business employers can create a Work from Home Guidelines. Work may continue as usual in terms of customer calling and appointment setting, and sales. However, creating guidelines for employees helps to ensure everyone understands your requirements during this time.


Expectations- Whether you have normal workday hours (8-5) or reduced hours the employee needs to understand that the time is to be utilized for working only. Utilizing a work from home policy outlining expectations and instructions on the work employee will be performing daily. Be sure to include any overtime guidelines, workspace instructions, and proprietary information. Include any wage changes are adjustments that will be in effect during this time.

Attendance- Create a secure and consistent way for employees to report their hours every day. This ensures that you are still tracking the number of hours that they are working and matching with productivity.

Equipment- Ensure that employees working from home have the proper equipment to do their jobs. (computer, phone, access to work software and applications) Having the proper equipment and necessary work tools will ensure productivity and allows employees to complete work independently when able.

Meeting & Accountability- Scheduling meetings with your employees virtually will allow you to touch basis and get current updates and status on what the employees are tasked to do. Meetings are also ways to stay connected to your employees where they may not feel so isolated and disconnected. Emails and phone contact are another great way to stay connected. If you normally have weekly meetings you can continue them virtually to provide motivation and support to your employees.

Communication- Be available to your team to answer questions and concerns that they may have regarding the current uncertainty. Send inspirational emails to your team daily to help with motivation and support.


Not all small businesses have the ability to allow employees to work from home based on the type of work they do. However, utilizing a Work from Home Policy will help to keep employees responsible and accountable for their jobs while they are temporarily working from home.


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